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Slowdive, 2014

overwhelmingly ecstatic to these beautiful brits in a couple of months


Slowdive, 2014

overwhelmingly ecstatic to these beautiful brits in a couple of months

positive notes

I finally sat down and outlined the next 9 months. In June I will finish my undergraduate studies. It seemed doubtful after finishing my last quarter, but unless I take a shit for the next year, I can definitely and easily manage 47 units over the next three quarters.

Right now, my only fear is the senior seminar class. Yeah, it’s demanding and whatnot but what makes me apprehensive about it is gambling on the topic. Since I only have two possible quarters to take it, the odds of taking it on a topic that interests me and with a professor I like is slim. I suppose if I have anything remotely resembling a “focus” or emphasis it’s either 19th century Mexican political culture or late 19th - early 20th century European social history (primarily Russia I suppose?), but the actual odds of seminars being related to those topics is practically none. It would be really foolish to take the seminar on a topic I have little interest in and no knowledge of. It would be super neat if they offered a seminar on a history of science topic, but it doesn’t look that that’s happening this year.

The silver lining is that I pretty much have free reign to take whatever classes I want outside the seminar. There might be a remote possibility that I can finish the history of science minor. I can dick around and take easier classes to pad my GPA (ugh).

So yeah, it’s kind of a drag that my living situation is still being figured out, but at least that’s biggest problem for the year. Now that I know I can do this, I’m even more determined to find a place. Just made a sacrifice to Zeus hoping that I end up getting the one place I’m waiting to hear back from—it seems like a great environment.

Destroyer - Blue Eyes

it said don’t be ashamed or disgusted with yourselves


Admit it, you’ll be in tears during the Slowdive tour as well.

100% true!

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current musings

Is it fair to judge a potential roommate based on their responses to a craigslist ad?

because so far I don’t want anything to do with these clowns.

Beach House - Childhood


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i wanna win


I can’t wait! 

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COOL DATE IDEA: take a really long nap with me

Tanya’s and my 4th of July weekend plans.

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The Antlers - Surrender

I can’t always talk but I’m always listening

oh shit

i forgot that hospice makes me feel hopeless and depressed and now i don’t wanna finish this paper because who cares we’re all gonna die anyway

thanks a lot, red